America’s real entitlement problem: An anecdote

This morning, I feel compelled to share a short story illustrating the type of people with whom I find it challenging to share this nation. Since November, I have been striving to divert myself from negative to positive thoughts; sometimes, though, one simply needs to get something off one’s chest.

As I was driving to work today, I was briefly stuck at a green light behind a car waiting to turn left. I considered using the right turn-only lane to get around, but it was clearly illegal and unwise at a four-way intersection. I stayed put. The traffic soon cleared and I proceeded through the light, not terribly surprised to find a shiny pickup truck struggling to make it around me in the path I had decided against. In retrospect, I suppose I maintained speed rather than make it easier for him. I figured he didn’t need my coddling.

On the truck, which successfully gained a half-second’s lead on me, was a bumper sticker reading, “Save the world – spay and neuter…” I leaned forward to make out the last few words: “…democrats and liberals!” Charming!, I thought, vaguely recalling the UN definition of genocide. The truck pulled off a ramp to the right, and I was treated to a view of the driver resolutely holding his middle finger against the window.

I’m still somewhat puzzled over how exactly I earned the gesture. I guess he expected me to yield to his passing on the right, or maybe he didn’t like my bumper art – an old Ranked Choice Voting decal and a small US Marine crest in honor of my cousin. Either way, I was moved to imagine what percentage of the time this man can possibly drive without flipping the bird.

What type of worldview results in somebody having little respect for the law, yet becoming upset when they are not accommodated in inconveniencing (one might argue endangering) others? Surely not one which imagines depopulating America of liberals – the only people who will first jump to the conclusion, “I’m sure he was just having a bad day. Let’s see if he needs our help!”